Hackday: Keynote!

At least once a year, we have a Scribd “Hack Day”.
Everybody picks something they really want to work on, and then we hack for 24 hours straight.

It’s always a lot of fun- there are treats around the clock (ice cream deliveries, a Crêpe cart and and a specially stocked snack bar), and if you’re still around (and awake!) during random late-night “raffle hours”, you get a raffle ticket. (Prices were, among others: a Kindle, a jalapeno growing kit, a rip stick, a flying shark)

Our last Hack Day was March 29st 2013, with the following top #5:

  1. Jared’s In-Doc Search (17 votes)
  2. Matthias’ Keynote Conversion (12 votes)
  3. Jesse’s ScribdBugz (10 votes)
  4. Gabriel’s Bounce Analytics (9 votes)
  5. Kevin’s Leap Motion Navigation (6 votes)

We’re proud to announce that we now open sourced some of this work: The Scribd Keynote converter, by now running in production for us, is open sourced and available from http://github.com/scribd/keynote .
Keynote is Apple’s presentation format, and the above project enables you to convert it to PDF on non-Mac systems.

Open sourcing keynote follows in the footsteps of many of our open source contributions- see http://github.com/scribd/ for our other projects.

Happy Hacking!

One response to “Hackday: Keynote!

  1. “Prices were, among others…”
    change to
    “Prizes were, among others…”

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